We are pleased to introduce a few products from various industries. We hope you will find some of them useful.

Automotive industry exterior components

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For automotive exterior parts, we have processed emblems (logos), windshield wipers, lamp covers, etc. For emblems, through cooperation with our partner companies, you can confirm the result of your finished product after it has gone through a plating process.

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Sideview mirrors

PC resin, PMMA resin, etc. are used to make prototypes of transparent products. Transparency and diffusivity can be changed by applying a textured finish to the mold.

Automotive industry interior components

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For automotive interior parts, we have produced emblems (logos) on steering wheel parts, drink holders, air vents, as well as physical buttons and outer frames for car navigation systems.

Drink holders

Ventilation opening

Car navigation system outer frames

Car navigation system peripheral buttons

The frame portion is molded on a large molding machine (180t-360t), while the inner physical buttons are molded on a 30-ton or 80-ton machine.
In-house batch molding allows us to check products after assembly in a short period of time.

Cosmetic case related

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In the cosmetics field, we create products of all shapes and sizes, including compact cases and lipstick caps.

Lids and dispensers for moisturizing creams, milky lotions, etc.

In addition to matte or mirror finishing, we can also provide consultations on appearance, such as checking the coloring of different color numbers.
In addition, by using detachable cores it is possible to make prototype products with a screw mechanism (e.g., inner plugs).


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Examples of printer-related products include covers, paper feed trays, paper output trays and paper width adjustment knobs.
To mold mechanical components in printer driver parts, we use ABS resin, POM resin, PBT resin etc.

Paper feed trays/paper output trays

Paper width adjustment trays

Pharmaceutical industry

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In the medical field, our technology is being utilized to assist in research and development.