Technology that turns your dreams into reality

In-house production from design to mold machining and injection molding, regardless of prototype or mass production.
In addition to our speedy and low-cost services, World Link strives to create products that provide added value to the entire development process. We will help you realize your dreams with high quality in the shortest possible time.

Manufacturing is a job about seeing things through someone else’s eyes.


The beginning of creating a shape with you

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We efficiently operate 3DCAD and design molds with an eye to improving not only product accuracy, but also workability and moldability.

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Based on the drawings and 3D data provided by the customer, we study the optimum mold structure according to the accuracy required for the product and the required number of units. We then design the mold using 3D-CAD.

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Metalworking that gives form to steel, and shape to your vision

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Our machining, wire, and electrical discharge machines can handle a wide variety of shapes, and process control using PCs ensures waste-free machining.

  • NC Machining

    Basically, our main processing.
    Applicable to various shapes, large and small.
    Main cutting tools used: Square φ0.1-12/ Ball R0.05-6

  • Electrical Discharge Machining

    Handles corners that cannot be made by NC machining, or fine concave shapes that could not be machined.

  • Wire Machining

    Mainly hollowing out the body of parts, and hollowing out holes to incorporate parts.

We use NC machining, electrical discharge machining, wire-cut machining, and general-purpose machining for mold processing. We strive to improve work efficiency and shorten delivery times by designing with processing in mind.

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Electrical Discharge Machining

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Wire Machining

World Link’s molds include “cassette molds” (compatible with multiple sizes, side gates/ pin gates, etc.) that allow replacement of the product section without disassembling the mold base, and “mold base replacement molds” that can mold products of sizes that cannot be handled by cassette molds by replacing the product cavity part/core and minimal number of plates. For products that require ultra-high precision or sizes that are difficult to accommodate with cassette or replacement molds, we offer various types of molds including new mold bases, allowing you to make the best choice for your product.

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Shape your ideals

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By using injection molding machines in the 40–360-ton class, molding of various sizes is possible. Insert molding of a wide range of shapes is possible by using vertical and horizontal molding machines. We can also arrange inserts in cooperation with partner companies.

Insert molding is also available
(e.g., primary molding ABS resin, secondary molding TPE resin).

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Molding in different colors and resins is also possible.
Even in the case of orders for small lots, we can respond with the desired color number and grade.

By using a 40–360-ton class injection molding machine, we are able to produce a batch of prototypes in-house, even for products that are divided into multiple parts (e.g., panels, dials, buttons etc. for car navigation systems).

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※Product image for illustration purposes only.

Vertical molding machines are used to achieve a variety of insert molding.

We can also produce prototypes by
bringing in a mold.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Unmeasurable commitment to quality

From the first prototype, our Quality Control Group has dedicated inspectors ensuring that products are manufactured to meet customer requirements. They work in a temperature-controlled inspection room using general-purpose and image measuring instruments to check to 1/1000 mm accuracy.

About World Link’s Quality Assurance System

In June 2007, we received ISO 9001 certification from the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers, and our unique quality management system was evaluated by a third party for about three years. In 2010, our quality management system centering on “customer satisfaction” and “continuous improvement” was established within the company, and we then returned our third-party certification registration while continuing to maintain our original quality management system based on ISO 9001.

Quality Control Initiatives

We do not tolerate any defects at the manufacturing site within a set delivery period. We guarantee the World Link brand by inspecting products manufactured under thorough on-site management with various measuring instruments. We aim for the best within our controlled quality management system by constantly reviewing our work each step of the way, from order receipt to shipment.
At World Link, we add “Speed” to “Quality,” “Cost,” and “Delivery” by conducting parallel inspections during the first prototype to set optimal molding conditions, thus reducing the time required for mold modifications.
In the unlikely event that we receive a complaint from a customer, all related departments, including sales, design engineering, molding, and quality control, immediately hold a complaint meeting to discuss the cause, countermeasures, and shipping schedules. We have created a quality assurance system that gives our customers peace of mind.